Reassembling a family heirloom.

My father-in-law was slightly surprised by all the activity around my Adler class 8 sewing machine. He couldn’t understand why we went to the trouble of buying and cleaning up an old sewing machine since there was already one laying around unused.

It turns out that he had his mother’s Pfaff model 31 sewing machine tucked away in the basement. He swears he asked me to look at it years ago, but I truthfully don’t remember it.

At any rate, it’s there and my daughter would like to use her great grandmother’s sewing machine.

My father-in-law for some reason (and who knows how many years ago) took the machine itself out of the cabinet. The machine was parked on top of a set of shelves, and the sewing machine’s cabinet spent its time playing “auxilliary workbench” in my father-in-law’s basement workshop.

Reuniting the machine and the cabinet doesn’t look like it will be difficult, but I’ve got to clean up the cabinet first - it took a little damage in playing workbench.

  1. The Pfaff model 31 sewing machine - Initial state A first look at the Pfaff 31 and its cabinet.
  2. The Pfaff model 31 sewing machine - Refinishing the cabinet Really glad I did something I wasn’t planning to do.