Retro adventures with a Dual HS135.

My wife dug out some old records the other day and asked me to transfer them to CD or mp3. Since these are recordings from a college choir from some time in the 1970s, they are not available on Amazon or any of the other download or streaming services.

Our son took our record player and most of the records with him when he moved out, so we had to borrow a record player from my brother-in-law.

He has a Dual HS135 stereo with a built in Dual 1224 record player that he bought new in the 1970s. Way back then, my wife (his sister) wasn’t allowed to so much as look at it, let alone borrow it.

Times change, and time takes its toll on everything.

I picked up the HS135 from my father-in-law - the Dual has been in storage in his attic for at least 25 years. A quick test (plug in, power on) caused a capacitor to blow and short out (and stink.)

To make the copies my wife wants, I’ll have to fix up the old Dual.

  1. Fixing up a Dual HS135 - First sniff - What’s that smell?
  2. Fixing up a Dual HS135 - Repair - Curing a known disease and a little bit more.