A special request.

My (adult) daughter asked me to make a lighted decoration for a costume hat for Halloween. She asked too late, so she didn’t get it in time.

The original idea was to put a string of LED lighted pumpkins on a hat band. I’d have done that (and maybe have finished on time) if any of the commercially available LED light strings with little plastic pumpkins had had small enough pumpkins. All the ones I could find were too large, though.

Lacking little pumpkins, I decided to make the light string myself.

I’ve settled on something that lacks pumpkins, but doubles down on spooky: A hat band full of electrometers that react to people and things.

  1. A hat full of electrometers - Testing the first electrometer - A miniature, gold plated electrometer.
  2. A hat full of electrometers - Mass production - A bunch of electrometers in need of a hat.
  3. A hat full of electrometers - Finished - A bunch of electrometers on the wrong hat.