Making better use of the D43 software.

My Telequipment D43 projects - Table of Contents

I’ve mentioned my oscilloscope camera software before. I used it to make all of the oscilloscope images in the led driver post and the series of posts I wrote on voltage multipliers.

The software itself works pretty well, but it was a pain to use. My computer is about two meters from where I work on my workbench. Making images consisted of running back and forth from the computer to the workbench.

That has come to an end.

I had an old PC laying around with nothing to do, so I bought a new monitor and a swivel arm. Monitor on the swivel arm above my workbench, and connected to the PC underneath.

Looks like this:


That’s a lot more convenient. I need to make a tray under the tabletop to hold the mouse and keyboard, but for now I just toss them out of the way when using the soldering iron.

Setting it up wasn’t that much work, but I took advantage of having to install the software on a second PC to write up how to do it.

The Digital D43 software now has a wiki explaining how to install and use it.

Those few pages took several hours to write up. That was the bulk of my Saturday afternoon and evening - with time out to make burritos for supper with my son.

Now that I’ve got some instructions for the software, I’m going to see if Hackaday is interested in running an article about it. I’ve just submitted a tip to the website. Now I’ll just wait and see what comes of it…

My Telequipment D43 projects - Table of Contents