All about my experiments in photographing the invisible.

As I mentioned when I posted the voltage multiplier table of contents, I’ve decided I need to organize some of my posts where I have a long series on a single subject. One of those subjects is the microwave camera/backyard radio telescope I’ve built and experimented with.

For easy reference, here’s a list of all my posts about photographing the invisible:

  1. Photographing the invisible - a camera for microwaves - Inspired to follow a childhood dream.
  2. Photographing the invisible - the very first steps - Is this even worth trying?
  3. Photographing the invisible - building the hardware - Hardware store stuff - not the electronics.
  4. Photographing the invisible - the interesting hardware - Not the hardware store stuff, but the electronics.
  5. Photographing the invisible - software to drive the hardware - An Arduino program as firmware.
  6. Photographing the invisible - software to display what the hardware saw - A work in progress.

As I make further experiments, I’ll link the blog posts in here.

If you’d like me to expand on some part of the RF camera or carry out some particular experiment, leave a request in the comment section below.